Client: Rokform
Date: 2018

Rokform is a brand name of premium rugged smartphone cases with magnetic mountable accessories. Its products are meant to withstand the day to day use and accidental drops. Our team created the Reactor series from concept to production.

Rokform is a company that develops and manufactures mountable, protective cases for smartphones and tablets including Apple iPhone & Samsung Galaxy. Rokform approached our design team and gave us a challenge to create a line of rugged electronics with Rokform design DNA embedded into each product.

•     Battery Case — slim, rugged case rated IP65-level water and dust proof. The case extends smartphone 
       battery life with an additional 2,000 mAh.
•      Premium Car Charger — dual USB ports, each with 12 Watt of charging power, constructed out of aircraft-grade 
        aluminum and CnC to perfection.
•     Wireless Powerbank — 4,000 mAh with IP65-rated wireless charging 
•     Rugged Premium Bluetooth Speaker + Portable Battery.
Rokform’s Reactor series case was featured in CNET’s CES iPhone X drop test and was the only survivor of a drop from 20 feet high without a screen protector. Rokform CEO Jeff Whitten has said the partnership with XPNDBLS ensured his company put “its best engineering foot forward.”

By studying Rokform's existing product lines, our team was able to capture design details that make up the design aesthetics and appeals. We use these elements as inspirations to create premium, desirable and durable products. Rigorous water proof testing, drop test, and environmental testing were conducted numerous times to ensure that the product can withstand abuse and water damage.
Premium Car Charger
Rugged Portable Wireless Charger
Rugged Bluetooth Speaker + Powerbank
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