Client: Polar Pro
Date: 2016

Responsibilities: Design Research, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design

With the gaining popularity of action base filming and POV digitial content, PolarPro wanted to expand its product line and business to offer different accessories line for the action base camera GoPro. The challenge was to develop a strap mount that is cost-effective, highly durable and functionally effective for the users.

A quick online market research showed that there was only one other product available in the market that was offering a similar use case. The existing product in the market however was made of machined aluminum alloy chassis that placed it in the higher pricing tier. After studying and understanding the users' preferences and frustrations, I began to compose a solution that focuses on affordability, toughness, simplicity, and accessibility. Through material research exploration, I was able to discover an alternative material that is highly durable with only a fraction of the cost of the competitor's product. I utilized PA6 + 30% Glass Filled material for the main body which made the overall weight of the product significantly lighter and becomes 50% cheaper in production cost. Glass-filled nylon is created by adding powdered glass to the nylon resin or by extruding the plastic with glass fibers. The resulting material has some very useful properties:
• It has a stiffness that is up to 80 percent greater than standard nylon
• Its tensile strength is as much as 70 percent greater than standard nylon
• It has a thermal expansion rate that is roughly half of unfilled nylon, providing increased stability when exposed to temperature changes
• It is 50 percent harder than standard nylon
The StrapMount is the perfect mount for capturing immersive POV shots without being constrained by a head, or chest harness. StrapMount securely mounts the GoPro to any backpack, scuba bcd, lifejacket, or strap for hands-free filming. Once mounted to the strap, the quick-release plate allows you to quickly install/remove the GoPro for convenient camera access. Constructed out of glass filled nylon polymer, this mount will withstand the harshest of conditions. The mounting possibilities are endless, from wakeboard ropes to go cart seatbelts, capture angles never before seen with the StrapMount.
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